14 Sep 2023
CMMI 2.0 Maturity Level 3 certification

Stigasoft is delighted to announce another successful appraisal for CMMI 2.0 Maturity Level 3 certification. This achievement serves as a testament to our unyielding dedication to excellence and continuous process enhancement.

This accomplishment has been made possible through the unwavering commitment and tireless efforts of our team. It is truly a collective achievement, and every team member deserves credit for their invaluable contributions.

Today, we stand proud of our accomplishments, but we must also look forward. This serves as a reminder that excellence is not a destination but a journey. We shall continue to uphold these exceptional standards and embark on a path of perpetual improvement. Our current success serves as a foundation for even greater achievements in the future.

16 April 2023
14th Anniversary of Stigasoft

Today marks the 14th anniversary of Stigasoft's establishment. It has been an incredible journey for us, and we are proud to be celebrating this milestone. We have achieved numerous successes over the years, and are grateful for all the support received from our customers, stakeholders & our most valuable asset - our employees.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our success in any way and look forward to continuing to serve our customers with excellence as we move into the future.


12 Jan 2022
Stigasoft is extremely pleased and excited to announce that we have been recently certified as compliant to ISO 27001:2013 Standard

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is the most widely known Information Security Management standard used by organizations to keep data assets secure. Stigasoft has established an Information Security Management System (ISMS) including a framework of policies, procedures and all necessary physical, technical & software controls involved in the organization’s information risk management processes. This allows us to execute & deliver projects in the most secure manner with the highest security measures for the protection of information.

While the ISO 27001 certification is proof of our compliance, the journey to enhance our ISMS capability has just begun. As a leading software services provider, this certification is recognition of our commitment to ensure continuous improvement on information security management.


16 Apr 2021
12th Anniversary of Stigasoft

Stigasoft celebrated its 12th anniversary on 16 April.


7 Aug 2020
Stigasoft appraised at CMMI® maturity level 3

Stigasoft Pvt. Ltd. announced that it has been appraised at level 3 of the CMMI Institute's Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)® on 7th August 2020. The appraisal was performed by IQI Consulting Services Private Limited.


27 Apr 2019
10th Anniversary of Stigasoft

Stigasoft celebrated its 10th anniversary on 27 April.


24 Aug 2018
Metro UN site live on News.US platform

Metro UN is a biweekly publication in English and French & is a sister publication of Metro USA. Metro UN provides a platform for distinguished alternative voices to put their views forward to the broader UN community on issues related to the UN and the UNSC.

4 Jul 2018
Metro US website redesigned

Stigasoft successfully implements and delivers a redesigned Metro US news portal.

2 Jul 2018
17.0 Contribution to Datawatch major release

Contributed in both UI and back-end of new Stream Processing Engine, Panopticon Streams, which leverages the Kafka Streams platform together with the existing Panopticon Visual Analytics platform and supports, New Panopticon Streams connector,Support for 5.x and 6.x versions of the Elasticsearch connector, New Schema Registry Host field in the Kafka connector, Support for the STRUCT and ARRAY data types of HadoopHive in the JDBC Database connector, Support for nested numeric lists in the Kx kdb+tick connector(e.g. when retrieving order book depth).

27 Jun 2018
Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages integration

Stigasoft integrates Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) into their CMS product ''. The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) is an open-source website publishing technology designed to improve the performance of web content and advertisements.Metro US goes live with AMP.

27 Apr 2018
9th Anniversary of Stigasoft

Stigasoft celebrated its 9th anniversary on 27 April.

27 Mar 2018
The New Times, Rwanda migrates its online news portal to Stigasoft’s ""

On March 27, 2018, The New Times - Rwanda’s largest provider of local, regional and global news, business, and events migrates to Stigasoft’s platform for its publishing needs.

6 Mar 2018
16.6 Release of new Datawatch connectors

Stigasoft team have contributed in developing the Solace connector, Ability to switch from Serpent to Pickle when connecting to Python, Support for GZIP and Deflate content encoding with HTTP header, Improvement in the ElasticSearch query performance.

8 Feb 2018
Stigasoft signs contract with Pocketogram AB

Pocketogram AB selects Stigasoft to migrate their B2B portal from OS Commerce to Symphony and to maintain '' site.


5 Jul 2017
16.3 Release of new Datawatch connectors

Stigasoft team have contributed in adding new connectors - Elasticsearch & Valo streaming connector and Nano second precision support in the InfluxDB connector.

2 Jun 2017
Stigasoft appraised at CMMI® maturity level 3

Stigasoft Pvt. Ltd. announced that it has been appraised at level 3 of the CMMI Institute's Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)®. The appraisal was performed by IQI Consulting Services Private Limited.

28 Apr 2017
8th Anniversary of Stigasoft

Stigasoft celebrated its 8th anniversary on 28 April and enjoyed a happy get-together at Rishikesh. On the anniversary celebration activities, the Director addressed the employees and distributed annual awards.

20 Apr 2017
Tata DHP Division sign-offs and appreciates successful delivery of their content platform

Stigasoft successfully implements and delivers a content management system for Tata - DHP Division. The system serves as a social platform for content publication and user engagement.

4 Apr 2017
Metro US launches its Online News Portal on Stigasoft CMS

Metro US, part of World's largest Newspaper company - Metro, launches its Online News Portal on the Stigasoft CMS.

On April 4, 2017, Metro US which primarily covers New York, Boston, Philadelphia, National and International news, went live with a fully responsive website completing its fully integrated solution for content production.

31 Mar 2017
16.2 Release of new Datawatch connectors

Stigasoft team have contributed in developing new InfluxDB & RabbitMQ connectors and new Donut Gauge visualization

10 Mar 2017
Stigasoft launches a comprehensive CMS product -

Stigasoft successfully launches a comprehensive CMS solution which includes content publishing features & functionalities for online news & media, schools and universities.


12 Jul 2016
Ritu Kumar Mobile App

Stigasoft successfully delivered iPhone and Android mCommerce App to Ritu Kumar - India's leading luxury apparel brand.

18 May 2016
F-Spot Mobile App

Stigasoft has successfully designed and developed an iPhone mobile app through which brands can inform consumers about ongoing sales/promotions and new launches in their stores.

21 Mar 2016
Release of Wifog Bucket

Stigasoft team have contributed in adding a new website feature Wifog Bucket. This will provide Wifog users to collect points when they are not active and pay using points to activate the account.

18 Mar 2016
13.6 Release of Datawatch Designer & Visualization Server

Stigasoft team have contributed in adding a new Vertica connector, ability to generate columns for streaming connectors, and improved Json/HTML/Splunk connectors, apart from working on various fixes/improvements.


1 Nov 2015
Release of Rondorff website for UK customers

Stigasoft team have contributed in adding a new website feature, ability to pay in British pound for United Kingdom customers. New design implementation.

1 Oct 2015
Release of Unicorn

Stigasoft team have contributed in implementation of Unicorn release. Implemented new design for website, iOS app, Windows mobile app and Android app.

29 Apr 2015
6th Anniversary of Stigasoft

Stigasoft celebrated its 6th anniversary on 29 April and enjoyed a happy get-together at Gurgaon. On the anniversary celebration activities, the company CEO addressed and distributed yearly employee awards.

26 Mar 2015
Stigasoft launches new design of, an eCommerce medical portal designed and developed by Stigasoft, is a healthcare portal dedicated to removing information barriers between patients, doctors and hospitals. It has one of the most exhaustive database of doctors and medical facilities from India. not only lets it users search for a doctor on the basis of symptoms or specialties but also allows them to request online quotes for treatments and buy online packages for various medical services.

14 Mar 2015
QlikView BI application for Coca-Cola

Stigasoft successfully delivered "QlikView" application to Male' Aerated Water Co. Pvt. Ltd. – Authorized bottler of Coca-Cola in Maldives.


15 Sep 2014
Stigasoft initiates Process Improvement Program

Process Improvement Program, is a staged approach to optimize organization's underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. Stigasoft is using IDEAL approach to infuse best practices of Agile and CMMI for the improvements. Aimed for CMMI v1.3 Dev L3 assessment, the organization is steaming ahead in improvements and optimization in all domains of work

3 Jun 2014 Predict your FIFA 2014 winner and win prizes

Cup Fight, created in 2014 with FIFA 2014 as its first game, is a sports oriented platform that provides sports fans the ability to interact with other fans and friends while competing to predict the correct game results. This is a perfect opportunity for sports fans to test prediction skills by taking part in simple, but entertaining games (known as Fights) and win prizes.

15 Apr 2014
Stigasoft bridges the gap between patient and medical services providers, an eCommerce medical portal designed and developed by Stigasoft, is a healthcare portal dedicated to removing information barriers between patients, doctors and hospitals. It has one of the most exhaustive database of doctors and medical facilities from India. not only lets it users search for a doctor on the basis of symptoms or specialties but also allows them to request online quotes for treatments and buy online packages for various medical services.

10 Feb 2014
Stigasoft Resource QlikView Certified

One of Stigasoft's Business Intelligence Consultants recently got certified as QlikView Developer. This certification, given the real world scenario based questions, certifies that resource is competent enough to design adequate solutions around client's business KPI, through QlikView.


18 Dec 2013
Kuoni Engages Stigasoft for Global QlikView Implementation

Kuoni Destination Management, a leading global travel and destination management services company, has engaged Stigasoft to implement QlikView across its global entities. This implementation will help them get a single window view of complete operations happening at each geographic location on real time basis.

28 Oct 2013
Stigasoft Launches Online Store for Renowned Indian Luxury Brand - GOODEARTH

GOODEARTH's e-commerce platform has been developed using Microsoft technology based platform - AspDotNetStorefront. Besides being technology partners, the project was inclusive of strategy, content and online media management too. The successful launch in India was soon followed by 40 countries worldwide.

12 Sep 2013
Stigasoft Successfully Delivers Dynamic Data Exchange to Metro

Stigasoft has successfully designed and developed a new feed exchange architecture for dynamic data sharing between different markets of Metro, a globally #1 online newspaper. This provides the flexibility for markets (different geographic locations where Metro is currently published) to seamlessly and efficiently share their content with other Metro markets. The architecture is scalable and adaptable to future changes in the content.

26 Jul 2013
Stigasoft Business Analysts gain from Agile Estimation & Planning Workshop

Stigasoft BA's attended a workshop on Agile Estimation & Planning organized by KnowledgeHut, a PMI certified institute. By doing several practical exercises, BAs learned how to create practical, useful and reliable plans for software development projects. Create accurate project plans useful for programming testing—and projecting forward from 6-9 months.

Through this training Stigasoft BA's got solid understanding and experience of agile release and iteration planning. The course also provided a hands-on at various approaches to estimating including unit-less points and ideal time. The workshop presented four specific techniques for deriving reliable estimates, including how to use the popular Planning Poker® technique and other techniques that dramatically improve a project's chances of on-time completion.

11 Jul 2013
Stigasoft resource joins highest ranking crew in QlikTech

One of Stigasoft's Business Intelligence Consultants recently achieved Gold Accreditation in QlikTech's Pre-sales, which is one of the highest badges among different ranks in QlikTech.

14 Jun 2013
Stigasoft is now an Authorized QlikView Expressor Partner

Stigasoft has now become an Authorized Partner to sell, use and demonstrate QlikView Expressor. We are glad to announce that our QlikView Team has successfully completed both Sales and Technical track as per Expressor Enablement Pathway.

15 Apr 2013
Stigasoft achieves Microsoft Gold Application Development Competencey

Stigasoft has attained a Gold Application Development Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network, demonstrating a “best-in-class” ability and commitment to meet Microsoft customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment.

To earn a Microsoft gold competency, partners must successfully complete exams (resulting in Microsoft Certified Professionals) to prove their level of technology expertise, and then designate these certified professionals uniquely to one Microsoft competency, ensuring a certain level of staffing capacity. They also must submit customer references that demonstrate successful projects (along with implementing a yearly customer satisfaction study) and pass technology and/or sales assessments.

“As a global Information Technology solutions provider, Stigasoft is delighted at this achievement. With this achievement, Stigasoft continues to be recognized by Microsoft as offering the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft Technologies, with a particular competency on Application Development”, said Jesper Lindorff, CEO - Stigasoft. “We are committed and dedicated to enabling people and businesses to realize their potential with Microsoft software solutions by providing a high level of technological proficiency and skilled delivery of valued services”, said Neeraj Sehgal, CTO – Stigasoft.

“By achieving a gold competency, partners have demonstrated the highest, most consistent capability and commitment to the latest Microsoft technology,” said Jon Roskill, corporate vice president, Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft Corp. “These partners have a deep expertise that puts them in the top 1 percent of our partner ecosystem, and their proficiency will help customers drive innovative solutions on the latest Microsoft technology.”

“By achieving a gold competency, partners have demonstrated the highest, most consistent capability and commitment to the latest Microsoft technology,” said Jon Roskill, corporate vice president, Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft Corp. “These partners have a deep expertise that puts them in the top 1 percent of our partner ecosystem, and their proficiency will help customers drive innovative solutions on the latest Microsoft technology.”

01 Jan 2013
Good Earth appoints Stigasoft as an IT partner for its eCommerce division

Good Earth, that has set standards for stylish, luxury retail stores across India, will soon launch its first online store. Stigasoft has been engaged to develop the eCommerce store integrated with aspdotnetstorefront.


18 Oct 2012
Project Managers certified as ScrumMasters

Four project managers recently qualified as Certified ScrumMasters, taking on Agile methods for complex projects. They gained the certification through The Scrum Alliance, a not-for-profit professional membership organization created to share the Scrum Framework and transform the world of work.

12 Oct 2012
United Nations Welcomes Stigasoft as a Supplier

Stigasoft achieved a coveted milestone by becoming a registered supplier to the United Nations (UN). Stigasoft is now eligible to participate in all tenders of UN organizations representing a global market of over USD 14 billion annually.


25 Nov 2011
FMG contracts Stigasoft for Application Development & Maintenance

Fund Management Group (FMG), a specialist in emerging market investments, contracted Stigasoft for application development and maintenance of its main web portal,

14 Oct 2011 engages Stigasoft for WordPress Blog implementation, a leading online fashion retail companies in Scandinavia, engages Stigasoft for WordPress blog implementation including complex theme design.

27 Sep 2011 engages Stigasoft for WordPress Blog implementation, an exclusive online shopping club in Scandinavia, engages Stigasoft for WordPress blog implementation including complex theme design

10 Aug 2011
Stigasoft appointed to implement “Draw a search” feature in Drupal 6 for UK based real estate company

Gone are the days when we had to manually specify the geographical location of our search parameters using drop down or text boxes and search results presented as list. With the help of latest tools and technology, one can draw the desired search area directly on a map and see relevant results right there on the map itself.

Stigasoft is implementing the “Draw a search” feature using Drupal 6 for a UK based real estate company. The “Draw a search” feature will be integrated on the company’s extensive platform for people associated with real estate - right from sellers, buyers, renters, tenants, packers and even assessors for EPC. The initial feedback from the target audience has been overwhelmingly positive.

05 Jul 2011
Stigasoft delivers business critical reports for its Telecom and Healthcare clients

For success of every large business, a strong reporting support is a must. The reports include both the consumer and business level reports and help a lot in analysis of overall health of a business. Stigasoft is working with its clients, in telecom and healthcare domain, to develop complex and comprehensive reports.

The reporting framework provides a unified, server-based, extensible, and scalable platform to deliver and present information.Reports can be generated in a variety of formats including Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, TIFF, MS Word and HTML Web Archive. Since the reporting services are interactive, tabular, and 3D graphical, reports from relational and multidimensional data sources can be generated with ease. The feedback on the quality, usability and aesthetics of the reports has been consistently excellent!

17 May 2011
HT Campus Calling – Find the Best College for You!

Hindustan Times, one of India’s largest daily newspapers, along with Stigasoft are launching a user-friendly college locater and eligibility checker for students seeking admission in several colleges of Delhi this year.

The platform will help students look for colleges which are providing courses of their choice. Using the inbuilt last year’s cut off list for each stream for each college, available exclusively in this application, students can check which all colleges they would be eligible to apply by entering their expected percentage of class 12th . In addition, students can use the map feature to search for nearby colleges and get directions to reach there.

For ease of access, this application is available through web, mobile and Facebook.

13 Apr 2011
Stigasoft partners with Ireland based Agile Technologies

Stigasoft, continuing the trend to explore new platforms and technologies, recently joined hands with Dublin based Agile Technologies to begin working on projects using their framework known as – Agile Toolkit.

The whole idea behind exploring new platforms has always been how Stigasoft can add more value to its clients. Agile Toolkit helped us reach closer to achieve this goal.

Agile Toolkit is a high performance PHP framework for UI development with jQuery. High levels of efficiency are achieved because database and UI are seamlessly and securely integrated. It is designed with an aim to achieve more with less code.

In a very short span of time Stigasoft has gained good control over this framework and is making a good progress in delivering the client’s projects. Using Agile toolkit framework, Stigasoft is able to manage cost for their clients now and is able to deliver more in lesser time and at a better quality.

24 Mar 2011
Stigasoft develops prediction game application "Bet Bat Ball" (ICC Cricket World Cup, 2011) for HT Media

HT Media has engaged Stigasoft to create a custom web-based social media application targeted for the promotion of the ICC Cricket World Cup, 2011 taking place in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

The application is a prediction game entitled “Bet Bat Ball” and involves cricket fans around the world answering questions on current matches with the virtual money allotted to them. The players accumulate virtual money and there are great prizes to be won at the end of the tournament.

The application also provides fixtures, results and other World Cup news from the Hindustan Times website and is designed to be a one-stop location for all cricket fans.

22 Mar 2011
Stigasoft develops corporate portal for HCI – Human Capital Institute – aimed at corporate training

This portal helps organizations register their employees for corporate training sessions on variety of subjects. It also let corporate admins to review the progress for each individual employee, check what content in terms of webcasts, researches etc they have accessed through website.

17 Mar 2011
Stigasoft delivers iPhone application for Metro International

Metro International iPhone applications enable iPhone users in Holland, Sweden and Chile to access latest news. Users can also view news in pictures by browsing through the photo gallery. In addition, the applications let users share news articles on Facebook and Twitter straight from their iPhones.

01 Mar 2011
Social Cricket Betting

Cricket is a religion in our country. There is nothing else that has captured the imagination of the Indian public like cricket has. Today, no other Sports command such an extreme level of attention, commerce and passion as Cricket. Cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag are given God-like status in our society. And, there is no bigger sporting event than the ICC Cricket World Cup in our country.

On the other hand, the way we communicate online has gone through a sea change over last few years. Social networking has become a rage in our country. Everyone from young children to adults are communicating with each other through social networking platforms on the web.

The list of activities one could do on these social networking platforms is endless. Mailing, instant messaging, uploading pictures and videos is all one part of the social networking experience. The other part of the experience includes playing games against each other, participating in competitions, etc.

This has led to the rise of social gaming, which commonly refers to playing games as a way of social interaction, as opposed to playing games in solitude.

Almost everyone who follows cricket religiously has at least once in his or her lifetime placed a friendly wager on what the result of a match was going to be.

Bet Bat Ball is an application developed by Stigasoft for HT media and is a social media application that has been designed to provide users with a platform to live this experience online. It has been designed to appeal to the pundit in every cricket fan around the world.

This is a custom made application and is a one stop package for every cricket lover, providing fixtures, results, live scores and related news from the Hindustan Times website.

Some of the features of the application are to allow users to perform the following actions:

  • Predict results of matches.
  • Compete with other cricket fans across the world.
  • Challenge friends with custom Mini Leagues.
  • View position on the Leader board.
  • Answer currently relevant questions about ongoing or upcoming matches.

Stigasoft has acquired a high degree of expertise in providing software development and allied IT services - both for domestic and international partners. Our teams possess extensive professional experience in developing, deploying and maintaining Offshore Software, Web applications, mobile applications and social media applications around the world.

01 Jan 2011
Renewal of Gold Certified Partner Demonstrates Stigasoft's Continued Expertise with Microsoft Technologies

With the renewal, Stigasoft continues to be recognized by Microsoft as offering the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft Technologies, with a particular competency on SOA and Business Process, Custom Software Development and Database Development.

Stigasoft is committed and dedicated to enabling people and businesses to realize their potential with Microsoft software solutions by providing a high level of technological proficiency and skilled delivery of valued services to technology customers.

As a Gold Certified Partner, Stigasoft gains early access to new technology and the tools necessary to ensure comprehensive product development at Microsoft, including product betas for development and testing purposes, as well as prioritized referrals and advanced technical and marketing information, thereby giving Stigasoft a competitive advantage over its peers.


26 Jul 2010
Outsourcing during Recession: Looking at the Filled-Half of the glass

The current economic recession is many times more epidemic than the ones seen in the past – thanks to the widespread brouhaha created by 21st century fourth estate which takes no time to overplay whatever comes its way. In this dim and clamor it is but easy to miss the opportunities that the predicament has brought along. Paradoxical it may sound, but outsourcing IT jobs makes more sense during recession than it does during normal economic state. In case you choose to disagree, consider the following:

  • Better bargain: Outsourcing can be effectively used by onshore IT companies as strategic measure to contain the cost of IT services due to the fact that offshore facility and development cost can be heavily negotiated to strike better bargains.
  • Better competitive advantage: Offshore companies compete fiercely against each other to bag outsourced projects offering great cost benefits to the onshore IT companies. Moreover, project execution and delivery schedules can be easily negotiated in the clients' favor.
  • Reverse migration of skilled workers: Recession has compelled many onshore IT companies to lay off many of their skilled workers most of whom have opted to turn back to their respective countries of origin. Native offshore companies have greatly benefited from this attrition by absorbing the skilled workforce into their folds augmenting their business capacity.

Several onshore IT and ITeS companies have shown the courage and vision to look at the positive side of the economic turndown in formulating strategies favoring increased outsourcing to select destinations, as has been indicated in a recent Forrester Research survey according to which barely 21% of global enterprises have cut down their IT outsourcing budget whereas more than double (46%) have reduced their overall IT budgets.

01 Jan 2010
W3C Compliance

The W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium and since 1994 the W3C has provided the rules by which websites and web pages should be structured and created. The rules they outline are based on the best practices and while websites don't have to comply to be viewed correctly in Internet Explorer and other popular browsers that cater to incorrect design practices, there are a number of compelling reasons to ensure that you or your designer ensure that the W3C guidelines are followed and that your site is brought into compliance.

Bringing websites In Compliance With W3C Standards?

The ideal solution is to have your site designed in compliance to begin with. If you already have a website you have one of two options:

  1. Appoint a designer familiar with W3C standards and have your site redone, or
  2. Prepare yourself for a big learning curve and a bit of aggravation.


Assuming that you've decided to do the work yourself there are a number of great resources out there. By far the best that I've found in my travels is the Web Developer extension for Firefox. You'll have to install the Firefox browser first and then install the extension. Among other great tools for SEO this extension provides a one-click check for compliance and provides a list of where your errors are, what's causing them and links to solutions right from the W3C. The extension provides testing for HTML, XHTML, CSS and Accessibility compliance.

Other resources you'll definitely want to check into are:

  • CSS Zen Garden
  • A List Apart
  • Holy CSS ZeldMan!

How to Get Started?

  • The first place to start would be to download Firefox and install the Web Developer extension. This will give you easy access to testing tools.
  • The next step is to bookmark the resources above.
  • Once you've done these you'd do well to run the tests on your own site while at the same time keeping up an example site that already complies so you can look at their code if need be.
  • To give you a less annoying starts beginning with your CSS validation. Usually CSS validation is easier and faster than the other forms.
  • Once finished with CSS move on to HTML or XHTML validation. Once CSS and HTML/XHTML are validated it's time to comply with Accessibility standards. In this clean up a ton of your code and moving a lot into CSS, which means you'll be further adding to your style sheet. If you're not comfortable with CSS you'll want to revisit the resources above. CSS is not a big mystery though it can be taxing in the beginning. As a pleasing by-product you are sure to find a number of interesting effects and formats that are possible with CSS that you didn't even know were so easily added to your site.

But What Do I Get From All This?

Once you're done you'll be left with a compliant site that not only will be available on a much larger number of browsers (increasingly important as browsers such as Firefox gain more and users) but you'll have a site with far less code that will rank higher on the search engines because of it.

To be sure, W3C validation is not the "magic bullet" to top rankings. In the current SEO world there is no one thing that is. However as more and more website are born and the competition for top positioning gets more fierce it's important to take every advantage you can to not only get to the first page but to hold your position against those who want to take it from you as you took it from someone else.


31 Aug 2009
Stigasoft joins hands with Red Hat

Stigasoft has taken yet another leap by entering the Red Hat ecosystem as a Ready ISV partner. Red Hat is the leader in open source technology and as a partner we are expected to work together to provide customers with complete-solutions optimized for best performance on several architectures.

Recently, open source development has been steadily on the rise. Stigasoft’s offerings in open source development services have expanded to include Red Hat platforms and technologies instead being restricted to proprietary architectures and platforms. In becoming a Red Hat Ready ISV Partner Stigasoft has acquired the added capabilities of producing software products to work with Red Hat infrastructure and JBoss middleware products. As a Red Hat Ready ISV Partner, Stigasoft will receive free access to Red Hat Developer Subscription, early release software, Partner Helpdesk and Global Learning Services. Stigasoft will also be able to use Partner Program logo on the relevant products and services to reflect the brand strength and quality assurance. The plethora of benefits thrown open to Stigasoft and eventually to our clients in partnering with Red Hat is summarized below.

  1. Developer Subscription: Stigasoft will enjoy free access to demonstration subscriptions to Red Hat and JBoss products. However, these subscriptions will not be available for reselling; instead they can be used for development, training, and testing purposes only.
  2. Partner Helpdesk: Stigasoft will be able to contact the Red Hat Partner Helpdesk for various types of assistance and support.
  3. Access to early release software: Stigasoft will have access to community projects published on certain websites for early preview releases of upcoming versions and tools.
  4. Attendance at Red Hat conferences: Stigasoft can attend selected developer or user conferences hosted by Red Hat at discounted rates.
  5. Access to Global Learning Services: Stigasoft technical team members are eligible for enrollment to training classes at discounted rates.
  6. Access to the ISV Resource Center: Stigasoft will be eligible to access the Red Hat’s online content repository and partnership management tool, aka Partner Center.
  7. Partner profile in ISV Solutions Catalog: Stigasoft will be able to enhance its visibility through Solutions Catalogue, which is an online directory of all Red Hat and JBoss ISV Partner solutions, applications and products.
  8. Red Hat Ready Application Logo Usage: Stigasoft will be entitled to use the logo to position the Red Hat Ready Application in the market in compliance with Red Hat policy available at Partner Center.
21 Aug 2009
Stigasoft is now a Member of IBM PartnerWorld

Stigasoft has reached another milestone in trust and capacity building by joining IBM PartnerWorld as a qualified Member. IBM confers this status to companies and ISVs that pass several ‘capacity and quality’ criteria specified in their membership charters. Qualifying criteria include factors such as level of skills, revenue, infrastructure, achieved level of customer satisfaction, etc. It is a matter of great pride for all of us at Stigasoft to have earned it.

Strategic advantages

Our association with IBM shall enable us to utilize IBM PartnerWorld’s tools and resources to make quicker market-entry, faster products and solutions launch, and to realize increased business profit through reduced sales-cycle.

Teaming up with the industry giant like IBM is expected to help us enormously in honing our skills through in-depth training directly by IBM experts enabling us not only to match but to surpass the service-expectations of our clients. The increased serving capacity would eventually help us expand into new markets hitherto unexplored.

Since, IBM experts are going to be backing us up throughout a project life-cycle - “from the first encounter with the customer to post-sales support” - we are extremely confidant to serve our clients with the best the industry has there to offer as far as IBM technology and solutions are concerned.

Our clients can rely on us for providing best of the IBM products and services.

13 Aug 2009
Stigasoft Attains Coveted 'Microsoft Gold Certified Partner' Status

Our competence, strict adherence to high standards for service-delivery as well as customer- satisfaction, and ability to serve our clients in Microsoft technologies have reached yet another important milestone. Microsoft confers upon us the elite status of 'Gold Certified Partner' in recognition of our sincere and dedicated endeavor in implementing Microsoft technologies to create business solutions.

As a 'Gold Certified Partner' we are now entitled to various valuable supports direct from Microsoft which will surely go a long way to provide even better services to our clients. We now have first-hand access to emerging technologies, tools and beta versions of products being developed at Microsoft. We shall be working conjointly with Microsoft labs in development and validation of newer and powerful technologies, in turn, bringing immense benefits to our clients.

Microsoft expresses trust in partner's technical capabilities through the concept of modular competency. Microsoft Competencies have been designed to foster high level of professional trust in customers towards the certified partners with respect to specific Microsoft technology. As of now, Microsoft defines 16 core competencies each having a unique set of requirements and benefits. Attaining at least one of the core competencies is a prerequisite to attaining Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status.

Stigasoft has been able to pitch its claim to "Microsoft Gold Certified" partnership through earning the following competencies:

  • Service-Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management

    This certification is awarded to partners who possess proven expertise in application of SOA and BPM approaches to complex business solutions.

    As more and more business processes are shifting to server platforms like Microsoft BizTalk, Microsoft Host Integration Server on Windows Server 2003, a great deal of technological competency is required to plan, develop and deploy effective and reliable solutions.

    Stigasoft, has earned well-deserved competency in implementing Microsoft SOA and Business Process to help clients integrate information, people and processes through interoperable, modularized, extensible and secure e-business solutions.

    Stigasoft is now in a much better position to help its clients with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), B2B application integration, Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions, and Adapter Development.

  • Data Management Solutions

    Partners having proven competency in implementing SQL Server solutions including data warehousing, OLAP, data mining and DSS, alone are qualified to obtain this certification.

  • Custom Development Solutions

    Partners with proficiency in providing custom-developed solutions to customers on Microsoft development platforms like Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio Tools for Office, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server 2008, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system in the areas of Application Infrastructure Development, Smart Client Development and Web Development, are entitled to this certification.

06 Aug 2009
Stigasoft Joins Drupal Association

Stigasoft has joined Drupal Association and is proud to put on the Drupal membership badge. Drupal is an open-source license-free software package having powerful features to facilitate publishing, managing and organizing contents of many types over websites. Drupal scores one over other competing content management technologies due to its flexibility and extensibility. It can be configured in variety of ways to administer a website and publish contents such as blogs and forums without having much knowledge of programming.

Now with a two hundred thousand strong community backing and supporting the development project, Drupal is fast transforming into the preferred technology for community website development.

Drupal can be effectively employed to build following types of websites:

  1. Community Sites
  2. Polling Websites
  3. News Publishing Websites
  4. Corporate Websites
  5. Resource Directories
  6. Educational Websites
  7. Multimedia Websites

Drupal offers a number of compelling benefits to web development projects including the following:

  1. Standards Adherence: Drupal complies with industry standards such as XHTML and CSS.
  2. Better Load-Balancing: Drupal is equipped with in-built mechanisms like throttling and caching for better load-balancing achieving better performance.
  3. Open Source: Drupal is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2 which can be extended and customized to suit individual needs.

Drupal Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sole cause of supporting and enriching the Drupal platform and infrastructure. Stigasoft would like to appeal to everyone to contribute generously and to strengthen Drupal Association by subscribing membership to the Association.

14 Jul 2009
Stigasoft Recognized as Microsoft's Official Partner

It gives us immense satisfaction to get recognition from Microsoft as "certified official partner", which we interpret as a sign of maturity, competency and trustworthiness. We have been bestowed upon this status because we,

  • offer our services in several areas of technical expertise such as e-commerce, collaboration, business intelligence, consulting, maintenance/support and hosting services.
  • employ sufficient number of Microsoft certified Professionals (MCPs) having demonstrable level of expertise on Microsoft technologies.
  • have a number of satisfied customers with us.

We are fully aware and excited about the responsibilities that come along with this recognition – producing best results with least margins of error.

Stigasoft strongly believes in client's growth
and align with the vision of its clients.