Strategic Partner for Your Blockchain Implementation

We help clients assess their needs in the context of blockchain technology and provide consultation regarding strategy and solutions. Our team of experts provide a complete view of blockchain integration with the client's business, assisting in designing use-cases and overseeing implementation.

Blockchain Explained

Why Blockchain is needed

Why Blockchain is needed

Incorporating blockchain into your business will help reduce costs, free you from relying on third-party validation of data, promote greater transparency and make networks more fault-tolerant by virtue of its decentralised nature.

Exploring the Blockchain

Exploring the Blockchain

A blockchain is simply a distributed database, where all the participants of a decentralised P2P network store a copy of all data entries. Any new entry is updated in all the copies after participants approve and thus data once entered, cannot be tampered or changed.

Uses for Blockchain

Uses for

Blockchain finds many use cases across multiple industries: for transferring funds, for recordkeeping, for verification and validation of data, for improving network security, for smart contracts, for digital voting, for distributed storage and more.

Our Offerings

Strategic Planning


We will help you assess the various metrics for successfully incorporating blockchain into your business. We can assist you in planning the migration to updated systems from legacy setups with minimal disruptions and pertinent hardware & softwares.

Consulting Services


We provide consultancy in identifying the business impact of blockchain applicability, overall deployment strategy, management advisory on design implementation and integration. Our team of experts is well equipped to tackle the technical as well as business aspects of using blockchain and are always up-to-date with this evolving field.

Technical analysis and Guidance

Technical analysis and Guidance

We can provide in-depth analysis of the results of incorporating blockchain into your business, the areas of impact, performance and efficiency, cost estimate along with hands-on guidance for employees new to blockchain technology.