Business Excellence Methodology

Stigasoft is an agile organization, Quick to respond to changes in the marketplace and environment.
To cater ever-changing and ever-demanding business requirements Stigasoft has an adaptive Business Excellence Model.

How we work

The Model assist in selecting a development methodology based on business type, critical needs, timelines and cost as top priority. The Model is based on continuous feedback and improvement from practitioners and foster an open communication style facilitating collaboration and sharing.

Stigasoft’s Business Excellence Model adheres to the industry standards and best practices like ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI Dev v 1.3

Key highlights
  • Active client engagement
  • Focus on delivery excellence
  • Metrics driven methodology
  • Q-Gate checks to ensure in-process compliance
  • Cohesive use of tools and processes
  • Effective cost, schedule and productivity planning & monitoring
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