Breakthrough Innovations in Productivity of Automated Processes

It is expected that in near future, many businesses will add artificial intelligence for business and IT operations (AIOps) platform capabilities to customer-facing and back office operations, application, and infrastructure monitoring tools. The operational hubs of digital businesses will be driven by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and edge computing, which will accelerate the pace of digital transformations.

Process discovery and continuous process automation have already been made possible by AI technologies, enabling data-driven decision-making for digital transformation. When you can define what the result should look like but not how to get there, AI has the unique ability to extract meaning from the data. AI can also enhance human talents and transform rapidly expanding massive data that is both structured and unstructured.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Stigasoft's AI Solutions that enhance Human-Machine Coordination and Efficiency

Upon implementation of AI into operations, it can address business challenges, and enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The true return on investment in AI stems from nurturing an AI-driven culture that efficiently integrates machines and personnel, resulting in significant improvements across critical business areas such as marketing, sales, and service.

Below are illustrative instances showcasing the capabilities enabled by Stigasoft's AI solutions:
  1. Enhance productivity through the collaborative synergy between Machine and Human.
  2. Efficiently leveraging design specifications and unstructured Big Data.
  3. Improve Dataset Management, Investments Strategies, and Revenue Benefits.
  4. Give your company a competitive edge over traditional competitors.
  5. Optimize communication channels with customers, potential clients, and personnel by using advanced chatbots and virtual assistants powered by proprietary AI algorithms.
  6. Integrate Alexa, Siri, and Smart Home devices with your marketing, sales, and service communications.
  7. Tailor customer experience to regional preferences and needs by leveraging AI-driven:
    • Language translation
    • Content personalization
    • Cultural Sensitivity Analysis
    • Multi-lingual voice and chatbots
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Adaptive pricing
    • Predictive Analytics for region specific forecast demand, trends and customer behaviour
    • Feedback analysis
Humans And AI Solutions

The Artificial Intelligence(AI) Services Roadmap

At Stigasoft, we follow best practices that integrate proprietary techniques and intellectual property, to yield favourable outcomes while mitigating deployment risks.

Our strategy addresses the following challenges and beyond:

  • Optimize growth strategies to enhance value proposition.
  • How to enhance the financial value potential of the customer.
  • Will the proposed use case(s) differentiate customer from the competitors.
  • How will it improve the experience and well-being of both customer and employees.
  • Does the use case contribute to improvement in consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Does our AI approach provide our customers with a competitive edge over both established and emerging competitors.
AI Roadmap

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