Breakthrough Innovations in Productivity of Automated Processes

According to Gartner, by 2023, 40% of businesses will add artificial intelligence for business and IT operations (AIOps) platform capabilities to customer-facing and back office operations, application, and infrastructure monitoring tools. In the future, digital competitors' operational hubs will be technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and edge computing, which will accelerate the pace of digital transformations.

Process discovery and continuous process automation have already been made possible by AI technologies, enabling data-driven decision-making for digital transformation. When you can define what the result should look like but not how to get there, AI has the unique ability to extract meaning from the data. AI can also enhance human talents and transform rapidly expanding massive data that is both structured and unstructured.

Automated Processes

Strategic AI that Optimizes Humans and Machines Working Together

Once AI is installed in operations, it can be applied to business problems to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The real ROI on AI investments comes from creating an AI-enabled culture that integrates machine and people and delivers significant improvements in the customer's core business—marketing, sales and service.

Here are some examples of the possibilities made possible by Stigasoft AI solutions:
  1. Improving Machine + Human productivity equally
  2. Using design expectations smoothly and "dark" Big Data
  3. Improving your Investments, Datasets and Rev. Benefit
  4. Protect Your Company From: Traditional Competitors and Competitors
  5. Powerful chatbots and virtual assistants with proprietary AI that take advantage of your individual data to give you a competitive advantage
  6. Integrate Alexa, Siri, and other common household IoT appliances with your marketing, sales, and service communications.
  7. Increase customer recommendations
  8. Introduce online private buyers
  9. Connect the internal structure to cutting-edge technologies, intelligent frontline personnel, and marketing, sales, and service personnel.
  10. Overcoming the conflict between privacy and hyper-personalization
  11. Increase revenue by using wearable technologies
  12. Enhance communication with clients, potential clients, and staff
  13. localize the client encounter
  14. To improve brand perceptions and attitudes, improve the e-commerce, mobile commerce, call center, and retail experiences.
Humans and Machines Working Together

The AI Roadmap

We adhere to a strict best practices approach that combines exclusive Stigasoft techniques and IPs that produce beneficial results and reduce deployment risk.

Our strategy offers solutions to the following problems and more:

  • How can you leverage growth levers to maximize the value you provide?
  • What may the company be worth financially?
  • Will the use case(s) distinguish them from the products offered by rivals in the market?
  • Will it make our customers' and employees' life easier and better?
  • Does the use case improve consumer happiness and brand loyalty?
  • Does our AI approach give us a competitive advantage and shield us from attacks from both established and emerging competitors?
AI Roadmap

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